Wildcoast Tranquility

Early morning at the Wildcoast. Only me on the beach. It was 05:01 when I took this photo. I got up at 3:00 and was on the beach at 04:00 already.

I call it Wildcoast Tranquility. You just don’t get more tranquil than this. I had this photo on my desktop for a while. Whenever things were getting tuff I just looked at this photo for a while. (Maybe I must put it back on my desktop)

The sand was soft and still cool from the evening. I was slightly out of breath when I took this photo. I apparently got too close to the nest of an African Black Oystercatcher. I was busy photographing the bird. The next moment this small little bird flew straight towards me whilst making one hell of a noise. I had to run away. Tripod and camera in hand and a bag on my back. It must have been a sight. Luckily there was no one else on the beach to see me running away from a small bird. LOL

Here is a photo of the bird. Slightly out of focus. No time to get the settings right. (Remember my getaway?)

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