Our Footprints

Early one morning on a beach at the Wildcoast.

Nobody there except for two Black Oystercatchers, their little hatcling…and me.

I just got chased away by the one Bird. I got too close to the nest.

I sat down a little further away and took this photo of the Black Oystercatcher footprints all over the sand.

I was mesmerised by the symmetry in the sand and the little footprints crisscrossing it.

I realise that this is THEIR home turf. That is why their footprints are all over this sand.

The question is. Where are our footprints? Because THAT is our home turf!

Are our footprints all over the right places or the wrong places?

Are we protecting our families as these birds do? Or are we giving to much time to people that are supposed to be less important?

“You can’t make footprints in the sands of time by sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave buttprints in the sands of time?”

― Bob Moawad