It is of course not only important what the artwork you want to buy look like on my website. The way it is printed and either mounted or framed is of utmost importance. This product will hang in your house or office for years to come. You deserve a premium finish.






We do our printing inhouse. We have a Canon Prograf Pro 4000 printer.

It is the ultimate large format printer for photographic and fine art printing – with unparalleled 44-inch (111 cm) production output and reliability.

The LUCIA PRO 12-colour Ink system and 1.28″ print head ensure vivid colours, deep blacks, fast print speeds and superb quality.

We use a variety of paper to compliment the look and feel of a specific photo.



We have the following options available to mount or frame your artwork.



Diamount ®


What is Diamount ®

DiaMount® is an innovative method to mount the face of the photo to acrylic or iron-free glass with special UV inhibited silicone rendering a high gloss appearance and 3D-like effect enriched with vibrant colours and deep blacks. We use fine art paper for the most exceptional rendering of your image. The final product is stable and can withstand temperature and humidity changes. This process is free of bubbles and silvering often found when using double-sided adhesive.


Diamount ® to Plexiglass

DiaMount® is manufactured using 3mm Plexiglass, to which the images are face-mounted. Once the image has rested, it’s then backed by a rigid aluminium composite material (ACM), like Dibond®, encapsulating the print in an airtight sandwich. This process offers you a modern contemporary feel whereby it appears to be floating on a wall. Yet we’re not limited to this finish as it can also be framed, giving you that timeless classic look.

Diamount ® is done by Art of Print.


Diamount ® Anatomy



A picture frame is a simultaneously protective and decorative edging for a photo. It sets the picture apart from its surroundings and aesthetically integrates it with them.




There is literally 1000’s types of frames, mounting boards and ways to frame a photo. We list a few popular choices here that we regularly use. If you are interested in something else to frame your artwork please send us a picture and we will source that for you.

Our prices quoted for framing include Frames as at the bottom, clear glass, backing board, extra board vacuum pressed unto photo and mounting board 3 cm wide.

Our framing is done by Frames2B.

Black 205-05 (BK)

Black 405 – BK01

Black ST78 – BKX

Brown 097 G (Wood)

Brown 101H (Wood)

Coffee Bean 205-6

Silver 1062 B

White 097 E (Wood)

White 205 -WH2

White 405-WH2

We do all our canvas mounts and printing for it in-house.

Our stretched canvas prints provide a beautifully soft, warm and modern feel to your space, making them the perfect addition to any home. The prints are stretched around a solid frame that will stand up to years and years of wear. The frame is actually part of the print, and therefore isn’t something that’s just placed around the photo to preserve it. The frames are very sturdy because the canvas is stretched on them, and it’s super easy to hang.