JC Crafford
Fine Art Photographer

My name is JC Crafford. I live in Pretoria in South Africa and I am a professional photographer. I make my money from photographing weddings and people. I also have a studio where I photograph products for companies.

But like anyone I have a dream. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

I love travelling, mostly camping in remote places and photographing everything around me. I just love the quiet of being in nature, with my loved ones. Exploring new places or just sitting around a campfire.

Here we are at the end of our Richtersveld trip. Right next to the ocean on the Westcoast of South Africa. Can you see our offroad trailer and car on the drone photo? Look closely!

And I love writing, about places, people, situations and just everything I might think about!

Here I am busy editing photos and writing when we were at Bhanganek in South Africa


JC Crafford Fine Art Photographer at work


Let’s be honest here. Have you worked in a better office? Ever? Please email me the photo!

Back to my dream. I would love to be a full time fine art photographer. I would like to travel to places and photograph it, and then sell those photos as fine art prints.

So this is my start to my dream. I started this website about a year ago. (In 2019) It is now Jan 2020. And I intend on really putting an effort into this over the next year. I have taken 1000’s of photos over the years that are stored on our servers. I started cataloging all of them the beginning of the year. Selecting the best ones that must still be edited.

So 2020 is the start of my big dream. Watch this space.