One of the problem with buying an artwork is always:

“Will it fit in with my furniture and colours scheme? I wish I could just see what it will look like on my wall”

I understand that. And you shouldn’t buy anything if it doesn’t look good where you want to hang it! What’s the point of that?

That is why I have a Mock-up service.


You just do the following.


Take a photo of the wall where you want to hang the artwork that you are interested in buying. Make sure to get some of the surroundings and furniture in as well.


Now email this artwork through to me at

Tell me what photo you are interested in buying. If you haven’t decided on one but are contemplating more than one send me the names of the other photos as well.

I will then make a mock up for you and send it back to you so that you can see if you like the end result.

JC Crafford Fine Art Mock Up service

I might even make a suggestion of another photo if I feel there is something on my server that are not on my website yet and that will fit your home or office.

I will make a suggestion on the type of frame, Dia Mount or canvas. Whatever I think will look great. But the final decision of course are with you.

Here are a few ideas for you of some of my artwork on walls.