Sunrise at Kubu Island

JC Crafford Fineart Kubu Island in Botswana

A tick off my bucket list.

I always wanted to visit Kubu Island, and we manage to do it in April 2018. We were photographing a wedding in Botswana and decided to take a two-week break around the wedding. We were the first people after the wet season to visit Kubu Island.

Kubu Island, or Lehhubu as it’s called by the locals is a little granite “island” in the 24,000sq km Sua pan. Sua Pan is a seasonal lake; it fills with water during the Summer rainy season and retains water until April or May.

The “island” is accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicle only. It took us just over 3 hours to drive the more or less 30 km from the closest town to Kubu.

We camped there for the night and this photo was taken early the next morning. We drove around Kubu and we could literally point our camera in any direction and take a photo.

It was one of the most astonishing days of my life. Every second was filled with something beautiful. (that is until we got stuck for about 1 and a half hours in thick mud leaving Kubu)

Going to Kubu made me realize:

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Colin Powell

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