Reflections of a woman.

JC Crafford Fine art Photographer in South Africa

It’s strange how photos bring back memories. Sometimes long-forgotten memories.

This photo was taken in 2014. We just came back from a holiday on the South Coast. Originally the plan was to drive through and sleep at home the evening.

But about 400km from home, the plan changed. (We have a lot of sudden spur of the moment change of plans like this) We decided to spend one more night, somewhere.

Surika searched on Google and found Green Lantern Inn in van Reenen.

An absolutely beautiful old hotel. We had a very enjoyable evening with the locals in the bar in the evening. Even the owners of the hotel’s donkeys were inside the bar.

I took quite a few photos in the quiet passages of the 127-year-old hotel the evening. Some a bit scary. (maybe I will still post them here one day.)

We were ready to go to bed and I still had my camera in my hand. I wanted to photograph the street on the outside through the hotel window. I liked how just the one street light lit the area. Suddenly I saw my wife in the reflection of the window. I immediately just pressed the shutter button.

The result was this very different photo of the inside and outside of a hotel room in one photo at night.

I have looked at this photo numerous times in my life. Our woman is so many things. They look after us, care for our children, do things in the house. Make food. Have a professional career.

But. They are woman firstly. Beautiful, sexy, strong. Yet sometimes vulnerable.

And every time I look at this photo I see that side of my wife.

I think it was Coco Chanel who said: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

Baby…you are both!

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