Our Children

JC Crafford Fine Art Photographer at Bronkhorstspruit dam

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children –  Charles R. Swindoll

The problem is just. What kind of deposits are we making?

Surika and I have decided to go away much more and to spend quality time creating memories with our little daughter of 8. Miya. If she must miss a few days of school here and there we make sure that she catch up. As photographers and videographers we work a lot of weekends, so it is neccesary to spend extra time with her.

She has already spent two weeks in Botswana with us this year.She photographed a traditional black wedding there with us, heard lions roar close to our camp in the Kalahari and experienced the magnificent sunset over the Sua pans at Kubu Island. She washed in a little basin, and dug a hole for a toilet. She experienced things and this memories will last a lifetime.

This weekend we went to the Bronkhorstspruit dam with friends. Miya had two friends there as well. Amy and Stella. They went on a boat trip and had the most awesome times together. I didn’t get the idea that they missed watching TV!

She was sitting on this swing, watching the sunset and saying to me: “The sunset is so beautiful daddy”

I will make sure there are many more sunsets like this in your life my little princess.

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