If you can dream it…

South african fine art photographer JC Crafford yacht Langebaan

For years my brother Dirk dreamt of his own boat and sailing the ocean. I don’t know where this came from. He knew nobody with a boat, neither did we stay closer than a 1000km from any ocean.

But that was his dream, he wanted a boat. And he read about it all the time. i was just shaking my head, waiting for this fase to pass. But it didn’t, he kept on dreaming and reading.

Eventually he moved his business to Knysna and was now staying next to the ocean. He did a skipeprs course and joined the yacht club.

After that he moved to Langebaan on the West Coast and bought a secondhand yacht in a not so good condition. He spent three months redoing, repainting and fixing every little thing in the yacht himself.

He called her Bella.

We came over for the holiday to visit them, and yesterday he showed us his yacht and took us sailing in the lagoon. This photo was taken through Bella’s window of the coastline.

And as we were sailing yesterday I was not just enjoying the ocean, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride in my brother for making his dreams come true, even when nobody believes it will happen.

Proud of you Dirk.

You are a true example of: “If you can dream it you can do it.”

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