Helskloof Pass Richtersveld

JC Crafford Fine art Photographer helskloof pass in the Richtersveld

The Helskloof pass is in the Richtersveld. A barren desert landscape that has been a Unesco World Heritage site since 2007. It is in the North Western corner of South Africa.

We were just about to leave the Richtersveld after a 5-day journey through this incredibly beautiful landscape. Our whole convoy stopped here for a photo opportunity. Our guide was the very experienced Rey van Rensburg. This guy knows this area like the back of his hand and it was such an experience to do the journey with him as our guide.

You stand here and take in this view. Quietly. Thinking about nothing. Just taking in the view. The real world is so far away at this stage. And you know. I have to go back to civilization. To work. To be able to go to places like this again.

You take a photo. Which doesn’t do justice to what you see, feel and experience right now.

And then you start driving again, descending into the valley, towards that faraway blue mountain you saw a bit earlier.

And you feel so small, so grateful for being here.

Sometimes we just have to stand still, and see things around us. Not overthinking or planning. Just experience the moment.

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