Colours of Life

JC Crafford Soth African fine art photographer

Yesterday was one of those utterly miserable days. Those “drink 3 whiskeys and just go to bed” days.

Like Meatloaf sings in his 1993 hit song: “Life is a lemon and I want my money back.”

Ever had one of those days?

So I drank my 3 whiskeys and went to bed at about 19:00. At 00:05  I was up again. It is now 03;10 and I am still sitting at my desk and typing this.

About an hour ago I looked through some of my old photos, desperately wanted to do something I love. Photography.

And I found this photo in my archives. To be honest, I can’t remember much about the photo. I think I took it in Mpumalanga. I had to go to my EXIF data to refresh my memory. 3 October 2005. 13 years ago. Another era. One of my current problems, my son’s heroin addiction, haven’t even started yet. Surika and I weren’t married yet, I was in the last years of a previous marriage that didn’t end well.

I still took the photo on an old Canon 10D, with a very crappy 300mm lens.

Heck, I wasn’t even a photographer at that stage yet, just an enthusiastic amateur.

So I imported this photo, and looked at it carefully. There were so many dirty spots on my sensor that reflected on the photo, I had to clean it up in Photoshop.

But there is beauty in this photo, the colors are magnificent, just like it was late that afternoon when I took it. It was a magical setting, one that made you forget about the problems you have temporarily.

That’s why I call this photo Colours of Life.

There is always a past and a present, and a lot of marks on our life’s sensor.

But, if we look around us there is always beauty that will make you stand still and appreciate the moment. The ugly spots in your life can always be erased if you put an effort in.

Focus on doing something you love.

Colours are the smile of nature. Look around you…and smile back. Life goes on.

This photo can NOT be bought as a fine art print. it was taken on a very old camera and the image quality is to bad for print. But, if this story has touched you and you like the photo I can send it to you for free as a screensaver download . Get in contact with me here.